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come to the bark side.

I speak dog (cat too). And I'll help you understand what your best friend is saying, and then figure out a plan to help you communicate, connect and thrive.
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some client testimonials…

So happy that we found you…

We are so happy that we found you. Knowing Gus was in a safe, clean, and fun environment made our vacation much more enjoyable.

Julie F.
Gus's person

Brooklyn has made tremendous progress…

We’re happy to hear about your progress! Brooklyn has made tremendous progress herself, so thank you for working with her and Mr. Lance.

Dee Gill
Brooklyn and Lance’s person

So happy to have you working with Coco…

Thank you for sending the report cards. We’re so happy to have you working with Coco, and she loves it too!

Kieran Miller
Coco’s person

Jody is passionate about training dogs…

Jody is passionate about training dogs. Not only does she work well with dogs, but she also works well with people. She educated us on how we could do our part at home to help our puppy learn. Since we, ourselves did not have a lot of time to train our puppy, we enrolled him in the weekend boot camp with Jody. He learned something new and became better at previous commands each time we sent him to Jody.

S Mane
Monty’s person

My dog’s behaviors improved considerably…

Recently, Jody worked with my 3 year old Golden Retriever who had various issues including random dog aggression and aversion to riding in a crate in the car. Jody’s approach includes training the owners as well as the dogs. This is critical to the success of any training. My dog’s behaviors improved considerably after Jody’s sessions. I trust her judgment and approve of her rewards based approach.

Liz Ambuhl
Izzi’s person

So happy to have found you…

You are organized, timely and very attentive to all our needs. You provided an extremely clean, nurturing and at the same time a systematic care for Rover. All those Facebook videos were a bonus too!!! We are so happy to have found you.

Maha and Shiva Lakshminarayanan
Rover's people

Sooo grateful we are for all the things you do…

HI Jody!! Sooo grateful we are for all the things you do for Coco and our family, we just love it. I already practiced a few times with Coco. PS, I love the instruction sheet!!!!! I am going to paste it on my cupboard!

Hersha Lodhia
Coco’s person

Very attentive and patient…

Jody helped us develop some tools to get Cookie to focus on other things (like special treats) instead of the dogs so that walking is much calmer and enjoyable for both of us. Jody is very attentive and patient with our four-footed friends. She has creative solutions for K9 problems.

Randi Bethel
Cookie's person